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We are travel enthusiasts sharing dream adventure travels in first-person stories. Follow our adventures and get valuable info and ideas to start your own!
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The experience of each route, a step-by-step information with practical valuable knowledge shared. Learn more about the places visited and remote cultures and marvel at the wonderful views.

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Explore the places described for each trip. Our high quality maps show the routes in great detail with main points of interest along the way.


Travel photography transports the visitor to far away places through the eyes of the authors. Unique natural landscapes are always present in our trips.

Philosophy: Experience, Maps, Photography

The unique feature in this blog is the inclusion of interactive maps with indication of routes and places. The maps can be easily explored by zooming and identify exact locations. We selected the highlights for each trip based on their cultural interest or natural landscape beauty. For each trip, the author writes the story of the trip with important information and publishes selected photos and videos for a full immersion experience.i