A travel addicted that loves rough travel transports and to blend in with locals by learning advanced basics of the languages spoken in the area. Photography is left for landscapes and village areas where interaction with people is slower and more amicable. Thin on planning, most of it left for the day before departure. Focus on living through the experiences in first-person and use of photography and blogging to share with others. Author of several trips in this site that cover both the most remote parts of the world and well-known natural landscapes.

Asaro mudmen

Wild Green Papua Niugini

Papua New Guinea is a place full of wonders. It is a unique region that conserves the best pristine natural treasures and local cultures that will amaze and welcome you. The country is full of adventure and discovery opportunities but requires some preparation and it is not an easy ride even for more experienced travelers. …

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ChNPP, Chernobyl

Respecting Chernobyl Tragedy

As we have enjoyed the last episode of HBO tv series Chernobyl, the highest IMDB rated series, we also conclude the Chernobyl photographic visit of the Exclusion zone with Mystic Chernobyl – Part 2. Landscape routes view of Chernobyl is a respectful one of such tragedy. This trip has been a visually intensive experience, touching …

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Asaro mudmen

Melanesian adventures in Papua New Guinea

Landscape Routes brings you an adventure through the rich and complex culture and nature of Papua New Guinea (Papua Niugini or PNG). Home to Melanesian people speaking several hundreds of languages, this is a paradise for linguistics researchers. For travelers, the isolation of its people has kept traditions that are wonderful to experience. Follow us …

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Wild Green Papua Niugini – Maps

Wild Green Papua Niugini is a trip into the remoteness of Papua New Guinea. It covers areas in Central Highlands (Asaro, Goroka), north Coast (Madang, Wewak, Yuo), the Sepik River and Wagu village. Follow this trip in the three posts: Wild Green Papua Niugini, Wild Green Papua Niugini – Part 2, and Wild Green Papua …

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Post apocalyptic Chernobyl

Today we have a different style of travel to share with you. Our photographic lenses turn to a post apocalyptic urban landscape that was the aftermath of the worst nuclear accident in history, Chernobyl 1986. All photos used in this post can be browsed in large size in the post Mystic Chernobyl – Gallery in …

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Red Canyon

Southwest Canyons – Part 2

This post is the continuation of the route Southwest Canyons. This part of the trip crosses the southern part of Utah taking in Canyonlands and its immediate south, Page, Bryce and Zion.

Road in Monument Valley

Southwest Canyons – Gallery

The Southwest Canyons is a route that passes a landscape rich in impressive canyons and rock formations. A paradise for landscape photography. This route is described in two posts: Southwest Canyons and Southwest Canyons – Part 2. Southwest Canyons – Part 1 Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Bluff Southwest Canyons – Part 2 Canyonlands, Antelope Canyon, …

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Route map for Southwest Canyons – full route.

Southwest Canyons – Maps

The Southwest Canyons is a route in USA that covers most of northern Arizona and southern Utah. This route is described in two posts: Southwest Canyons and Southwest Canyons – Part 2. Interactive Map – Part 1 The first part of this round route starts in Las Vegas, Nevada, and ends in Bluff, Utah. Zoom …

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