Travel Stories

Real first-hand experiences make the essence of our guides for each route. Travel stories by the authors that serve as guides to help planning new trips or to learn about new places.

Isla del Sol

Bolivian Heights and Jungle

Bolivia is full of surprises from the high altitude salts and lakes to the dense amazon jungle. This trips crosses…

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Asaro mudmen

Wild Green Papua Niugini

Papua New Guinea is a place full of wonders. It is a unique region that conserves the best pristine natural…

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ChNPP, Chernobyl

Mystic Chernobyl – Part 2

This post is the continuation of the route Mystic Chernobyl, which is divided into two parts. The first post (Mystic…

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Mystic Chernobyl

Mystic Chernobyl is a route in Ukraine that revisits the Chernobyl Power Plant accident in 1986. Follow us on a…

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Road in Monument Valley

Southwest Canyons

The Southwest region of US is a vast and remote land that has kept its wilderness beauty intact. The diversity…
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