Isla del Sol

Bolivian Heights and Jungle

Bolivia is full of surprises from the high altitude salts and lakes to the dense amazon jungle. This trips crosses the country from the northwest Isla del Sol to the southeast Santa Cruz and the border with Brazil. The Trip Geography Region: South America Country: Bolivia Trip duration: 30 days Time of year: July 2012 …

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Asaro mudmen

Wild Green Papua Niugini

Papua New Guinea is a place full of wonders. It is a unique region that conserves the best pristine natural treasures and local cultures that will amaze and welcome you. The country is full of adventure and discovery opportunities but requires some preparation and it is not an easy ride even for more experienced travelers. …

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ChNPP, Chernobyl

Respecting Chernobyl Tragedy

As we have enjoyed the last episode of HBO tv series Chernobyl, the highest IMDB rated series, we also conclude the Chernobyl photographic visit of the Exclusion zone with Mystic Chernobyl – Part 2. Landscape routes view of Chernobyl is a respectful one of such tragedy. This trip has been a visually intensive experience, touching …

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ChNPP, Chernobyl

Mystic Chernobyl – Part 2

This post is the continuation of the route Mystic Chernobyl, which is divided into two parts. The first post (Mystic Chernobyl) covers Pripyat, entering in the Exclusion Zone and Kopachi. This second post covers the Duga radar, the power plant and Chernobyl village. All photos used in this post can be browsed in large size …

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Asaro mudmen

Melanesian adventures in Papua New Guinea

Landscape Routes brings you an adventure through the rich and complex culture and nature of Papua New Guinea (Papua Niugini or PNG). Home to Melanesian people speaking several hundreds of languages, this is a paradise for linguistics researchers. For travelers, the isolation of its people has kept traditions that are wonderful to experience. Follow us …

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