Yamaroku Soy Sauce

Soybeans, wheat, salt, water and kioke

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The Yama-Roku Shoyu Kioke Soy Sauce

Landscape Routes has recently been exploring the twists and turns of the costal roads of Shikoku and Shodoshima in Japan. Shodoshima is a small island hidden in the Seto Inland Sea were you can admire the beautiful scenery and experience high quality local products and produce such as olive oil, olive-fed wagyu beef and kioke soy sauce

It was there that we had the pleasure to visit Yamaroku Shoyu where soy sauce is still produced in traditional wood barrels. Mr. Yasuo Yamamoto is the 5th generation soy brewer producing the unique flavours and umami found in kioke soy sauce. This soy sauce is naturally fermented, brewed and aged for up to 5 years in large wooden barrels called kioke (木桶) which gives it an authentic and unique flavour.

Stay tuned for the complete travel story with the full itinerary around Shikoku and Shodoshima. In the meantime, if you would like to know more about this place leave us a comment!

Getting there

Yamaroku Shoyu ヤマロク醤油
1607 甲 Yasuda, Shozu-cho, Shodoshima, 761-4411 Kagawa Prefecture

Coordinates: 34°29’10.741″N 134°19’11.456″E
Tel: +81 (0879) 82 0666

Web: http://yama-roku.net

Shodoshima is easily accessed by ferry boat and depending if you are in Takamatsu (Shikoku Island), Okayama or Kobe, the offer is plenty. The map on the right shows you the main ports and connections to the other cities.

See below some information and resources that will help you plan your trip to the Shodoshima and visit Yamaroku Shoyu.

Shodoshima Map
Ferry Ports in Shodoshima

Ferry Boat Information and Resources

For information in English you can use the links in the Setouchi triennale 2019 webpage.

From Takamatsu to Shodoshima’s Kusakabe, Ikeda and Tonosho Ports

Destination PortTrip DurationLink
Kusakabe60 min (regular)
45 min (speed boat)
Uchinomi Ferry
Ikeda60 min (regular)Kokusai Ferry
Tonosho60 min (regular)
30 min (speed boat)
Shodoshima Ferry

From Kobe to Shodoshima’s Sakate Port

Destination PortTrip DurationLink
Sakate3 hours (regular)Jumbo Ferry (English)
Jumbo Ferry (Japanese)

Flying to Takamatsu

If you are in Japan you can fly to Takamatsu from Tokyo (Haneda), Tokyo (Narita) or Okinawa (Naha). Check the latest domestic flights timetables directly in the Takamatsu airport webpage.

You can also fly directly to Takamatsu from Hong-Kong, Taipei (Taoyuan), Seoul (Incheon) and Shanghai (Pudong). To check the latest international flights and timetables use this link.

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