Yuo island

Wild Green Papua Niugini – Part 3

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Papua New Guinea is a place full of wonders. It is a unique region that conserves the best pristine natural treasures and local cultures that will amaze and welcome you. This post covers the Yuo island near Wewak.

Trip Recap

Papua niuguini – Wild Green Papua – Maps.

Highlights – Part 1


Asaro mud men


Highlights – Part 2

Wewak, Maprik

Upper Sepik (Ambunti, Wagu)

Highlights – Part 3

Yuo island

Photos & Maps

All photos used in this post can be browsed in large size in the post Wild Green Papua – Gallery in the section Galleries.

To explore the places of this route in an interactive map, follow the post Wild Green Papua – Maps in the section Maps.

Wild Green Papua – Part 3

After a rough Sepik adventure of a few days or weeks, you will want a few more days in Wewak to relax. There are a few islands just off Wewak excellent for activities such as snorkeling, fishing or just laying and swimming on wonderful beaches. Two excellent options are Yuo and Muschu islands, the latter is much more well-known and is larger allowing for longer hikes. To get to Muschu is also more expensive, 400 K for George (phones: 7297 8746 and 7174 5832) to pick you up by boat. I have decided for the less-known of the islands, Yuo island.

Yuo Island

Yuo island is a delight of an island. Pretty small with some 5 families living there. The owner Robert (phone: 7276 1483) and his family will treat you very well. The wife cooks very good, best local food with their own fishing, the best I have tasted in the whole PNG. And the sun will snorkel with you to show you the best places to see colorful fishes.

Trip Advice

Yuo island – getting there

Kwanbun village
Kwanbun village

Yuo Island is close to Wewak and a visit can be done in a day trip but better to spend a night there to enjoy the relaxed low-pace island life.

To get there you will have to take PMV or someone to drop you by the coast village in front of Yuo island, Kwanbun. It takes around 30-40 min. Once you arrive and head to the beach, Robert (the owner of the guesthouse/restaurant at Yuo island) will meet you and take on his boat to the island on a short 10min ride across.

The guesthouse at Yuo organizes day activities for you. One day with activities and an excellent seafood lunch at the guesthouse including the boat ride is about 150 K.

You should organize the whole trip from your accommodation in Wewak or ask to be picked up, there is no public PMV to Kwanbun. If you are staying at the Sepik surfsite lodge, ask Alois Mateos to have his driver drop you there and pick up the day after for 50 K.

The End

And we reach the end of the Melanesian adventure through Papua New Guinea (Papua Niugini). Hope you enjoyed.

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